Research Focus

We are a theory and computational group interested in the understanding and design of nanomaterials and nanodevices. Towards this goal, we employed a range of multiphysics and multiscale tools both retrospectively (e.g. corroborating our results to experiments) and prospectively (e.g. predicting new phenomena and finding solutions to open problems). Our work in recent years is largely focused on the class of two-dimensional crystals and their heterostructures, topological and magnetic materials. We revealed their basic electronic and optical properties, and their opportunities for novel electronics, spintronics, optoelectronics, nanophotonics and plasmonics.


Postdoctoral and PhD positions available.

Interested applicants please contact Professor Low at [email protected]

Nanophotonics in 2D, Fudan University

10/06/2018 - 09:36

Join us for the second Nanophotonics in 2D Materials, Fudan University, Shanghai China, from 14-17 Jan 2019. Participate by submiting your abstract at


New material could improve efficiency of computer processing and memory

08/22/2018 - 17:07

A team of researchers led by the University of Minnesota has developed a new material that could potentially improve the efficiency of computer processing and memory. The findings are published in Nature Materials, a peer-reviewed scientific journal published by Nature Publishing Group. See News Release here. For the research paper entitled “Room-temperature high spin–orbit torque due to quantum confinement in sputtered BixSe(1–x) films,” it can be found here.

SSDM at Tokyo University

08/21/2018 - 14:37

Dr. Hussain Alsalman will be giving an invited talk at the SSDM 2019 conference at Tokyo University, on the design of 2D heterostructures for electronics and optoelectronics.

SPIE Conference at San Diego

08/09/2018 - 06:37

Dr. Andrei Nemilentsau will be giving an invited talk at the SPIE Conference at San Diego, August 20th 2018, on his latest results about controlling light flow with 2D materials.